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Garage Renovations NW installs durable cabinets and shelves from GarageTek, the only garage system to be awarded the UL Rating for Load Bearing. That rating means unmatched product strength. From shoes to gardening products, sports equipment, household items and more, a variety of shelving options exist to make your garage safe, clean and organized.

Garage Shelving from GarageTek is installed on our patented TekPanel to offer the best in flexible design and durability.

Our Garage Shelves are installed on top of our patented TekPanel. This waterproof, bugproof slotted wall paneling is strength certified and fire rated. The slots on the panel allow you to install shelving wherever you want it. Unlike other shelving solutions which are screwed into the studs of your garage without any flexibility, installing shelves on TekPanel allows you more flexibility. The slots on the wall allow you to easily move your shelves to where you need them in the future, giving you a lifetime of flexibility.

  • Rely on unmatched strength with a full length bracket and load tested certification
  • Combine all of your gear conveniently in sport-specific storage centers
  • Store countless small items in baskets bins and brackets

Contact a specialist from Garage Renovations NW to learn more about the variety of shelving options available for your garage. In Spokane, call (509) 474-1746. In the Seattle area, call (206) 739-6434.

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Before & After Photos

Just imagine how organized your garage can be with help from the experts at Garage Renovations NW. Using commercial grade cabinets, shelves and storage systems from Garage Tek, our expert installers can transform your garage into a safe and functional part of your home. Use the arrows on the pictures to browse our collection of before and after photos.

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